Pink Van in the desert

About Birdie In The Pink

Hi! I’m Lindsay

Just like most women (and plenty of men!) I’ve spent a whole lot of time critiquing my body and worrying if I was the right size to be loveable or the right shape to be desired. I would frantically try to find the magic formula that would make me pretty, happy, and healthy. Boy was it exhausting.

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach who believes that health is so much more macro and micronutrients. I also just so happen to live in a big old pink van! Health to me is about balance, finding intention in our choices, and nurturing our spirits to shine a little brighter every day.  

Food doesn’t need to be a stressor, in fact, it is used worldwide to spark communion, share culture, and inspire meaningful conversations. Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation and toxic diet culture rhetoric that courses through the media and often negatively affects our relationship with food.

I am here to change that narrative. This is a safe space where no food is “bad”, all bodies are worthy of love, and food can be used for fuel to raise our vibrations, love unapologetically, and flourish into the best versions of ourselves possible.

So stick around and let’s make some magic!

Hawaii beach photo